“With excellent customer service, a great team and exceptional products
we have established Sigma Coatings as the Number One paint company in Malta.”

Anthony V. Critien, Chairman


Sigma Coatings In The World

Sigma Coatings can trace its history 300 years back to 1722, when Jan Pieter Schoen established the first true paint company in the world near Amsterdam. Pieter Schoen & Zoen specialised in the milling and trading of pigments.

The company prospered and grew, and by the 1960s was acquired by Petrofina, together with two other paint companies, Varrosieau and Vettewinkle.

The result of this merger, Sigma Coatings, became a major player in the paints and coatings market. Following a number of further mergers, in 2008 it was acquired by PPG, the world’s leading paints and coatings company.


Sigma Coatings (Malta) Ltd.

Malta’s connection with Sigma Coatings began in the 1960s, when the latter became one of the main suppliers of marine coatings to the Malta Dry Docks. Sigma Coatings (Malta) Ltd was established with the intention of producing and selling paint in Malta, and local production kicked off in 1983.

During the 1990s Sigma Coatings (Malta)Ltd expanded into the Architectural (Decorative) paints market, and has rapidly established itself as the local market leader. Sigma paints and coatings are today available through an extremely wide network of Hardware Stores all over the islands, some of which also have Sigma’s in-store paint-tinting facilities.

Sigma Coatings (Malta) Ltd today produces, imports and distributes paints and coatings under license from PPG. It is committed to rigorously high production standards and excellent customer service, and is fully ISO 9001:2015 certified.


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