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Sigma Coatings In The World

In order to better understand where we come from, we would like to give you a touch of history which will help you understand our proud commitment.

The origins of Sigma Coatings can essentially be traced for almost three hundred years when a Pieter Schoen founded his company. In fact Mr Schoen had established the first true paint company in the world whose roots are grounded in the city of Amsterdam.

The company grew and by the 1960s, the company was spread across the world and in 1969, the oil company Petrofina acquired three companies Pieter Schoen, Varrosieau and Vettewinkle. Through their acquisition, a merger was the outcome where the name for this union became Sigma Coatings. In 2008, the final consolidation took place where the Sigma Coatings was taken under the cap of PPG Industries, a US conglomerate, making the company in the second largest paint company in the world.

Leaders in Malta

The Maltese side of the coin dates back to the late 1960’s when we first entered the market as agents and stockists for Pieter Schoen Marine Paints. With its success in this field, Sigma Coatings (Malta) Ltd was established with the intention of producing and selling paint in Malta.

Malta is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, in the southern most part of the European Union. It is situated along one of the major trade routes of the World and Malta has always played a key role in the shaping of the world’s history. Being a trade player since before the Romans, the island knows a great deal about trading and business. Today Malta is a specialist in finance, hospitality and ICT services, allowing the development of a variety of ancillary services.

It was in 1982 when the company built its own production to service the island, establishing another first, this time making Sigma the first paint company of Malta. Production commenced in May 1983, where the company immediately started servicing the then booming Malta Drydocks.

By 1995, Sigma Coatings (Malta) Ltd expanded their ranges and moved in having the ability to produce both marine and decorative paint. From then on, the decorative range took off and started to dominate the market year after year. Since 1995 we have expanded our production ranges and now produce both marine and decorative paints for the local market. The paints are available in all major paint shops on the island via our extensive stock lists with some offering in store tinting and mixing.

In 2008, our journey had another milestone of having achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. Based on the company’s beliefs and values of committing to and maintaining rigorous standards, ISO 9001:2015 was a proud feather in the historic cap of the Maltese company.

“With excellent customer service, a great team and exceptional products we have established Sigma as the number one paint company in Malta.”

– Mr. A.V Critien, Chairman, Sigma Coatings Malta