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Sigma Bio Plus

A fungus repellent additive for emulsion paints.

  • Additive can be mixed with Sigmatex Superlatex, Sigmacryl, SigmfaƧade Topcoat and Sigmakwarts.
  • Can also be mixed with water to be used as an impregnating solution for not previously painted walls.
  • Prevents fungus, mould and algae growth.
  • Does not change the colour of the paint.
  • Perfectly safe to be used in bakeries, breweries, etc.
  • When mixed with emulsion paints, the shelf life will be slightly reduced.

Avoid surprises and get an idea of how much paint you'll need for your project before you get to the store.

Room lenght (metres)

Room width (metres)

Room height (metres)

Number of doors

Number of windows

Number of litres/m2

You will need approximately


Litres of paint

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