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Sigma Contour PU

Polyurethane enamel for exterior and interior surfaces with great coverage and strength even in coastal areas.

Ideal for the protective coating of properly prepared wood and metal structures. Shows high resistance to wear against abrasion, while maintains lasting elasticity. It is very bright and stays unaffected by time. The aesthetic result is similar to that of lacquer.

Applied with brush, roller, without any dilution. Dries in approx. 3,5 hours, is recoated in approx. 16 hours and has a spreading rate of 14-16 m2/ltr.

White and almost all colors according to the Sigma Coatings color fan.

Avoid surprises and get an idea of how much paint you'll need for your project before you get to the store.

Room lenght (metres)

Room width (metres)

Room height (metres)

Number of doors

Number of windows

Number of litres/m2

You will need approximately


Litres of paint